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The opportunity to design and build a custom home from the ground up offers more freedom than many people first realize. In addition to being able to decide on the layout of your home and choosing your fixtures, windows, and doors, you’ll be able to put your personal touch on the finest of details. Imagine choosing the design, look, and feel of the cabinetry, shelving and other woodwork throughout your home. It’s one of many benefits of finding custom architectural millwork in Toronto.

Custom millwork in a custom home means much more than finely fitted kitchen cabinets. It gives you the opportunity to create inviting and engaging designs that guide the viewer’s gaze and create continuity from one section of the house to the next. It’s the opportunity to create, innovate and make your house a home.

Even if you’re retrofitting an existing home, using custom millwork may be more important than you think. When you choose custom cabinetry and woodwork, the design and setting fits seamlessly into the style and ambiance of the entire home, while still reflecting your personal tastes and needs.

FrankFranco Architects Custom Millwork Design & Build Services

Just because its “custom” doesn’t mean millwork will meet its full potential to truly set a home apart from the rest. At FrankFranco, we understand the important role that millwork plays in the look, feel and enjoyment of a home.


A Complete Vision

Custom millwork completes the original vision of the custom home for both the homeowner and the designer. It creates consistency. As a multi-disciplinary architectural design studio, we can ensure that your woodwork performs its role admirably.


The Experience

We are fortunate enough have extensive experience in designing millwork for all types of homes and commercial properties while working with our in-house millwork artisans to bring the designs to life.


Quality Control

The ability to oversee custom millwork projects from concept to completion affords a remarkable level of quality control throughout the process.

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