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The opportunity to design and build a custom home from the ground up offers more freedom than many people first realize. In addition to being able to decide on the layout of your home and choosing your fixtures, windows, and doors, you’ll be able to put your personal touch on the finest of details. Imagine choosing the design, look, and feel of the cabinetry, shelving and other woodwork throughout your home. It’s one of many benefits of finding custom architectural millwork in Toronto.

Custom millwork captures more than just the design of kitchen cabinets of a home. Millwork design captures every element from interior doors and trim, wall and ceiling panelling, furniture built-ins, closet organizers, bathroom storage, office organization, and of course, kitchen cabinets. When the woodwork is designed within the scope of the architects work, it ensures that there is cohesion with the architectural intentions for the space and the finished elements. Well-considered millwork design improves the functionality of a home and creates continuity from one room to the next.


At Frankfranco Architects, our multi-disciplinary approach has given us a thorough knowledge of each component of a home design, rebuild, or home renovation. We work closely with our millwork fabricators to understand the best design practices and detailing required to achieve high-end millwork pieces. With thorough experience in producing millwork shop drawings, we are able to hand over a detailed set of instructions to a fabricator for construction – a seamless process that results in award-winning designs.

Experience Artisanal Woodwork

In designing the finished millwork for our architectural projects, we look for opportunities to create “moments.” Millwork design provides the architect and client a canvas upon which to create something unique and personal to the family. For example, wooden entrance doors can be carved with special hand-written messages, and wood wall panels can mimic the homeowner’s favourite flower (tulips, in the image shown above.) Functionally, early millwork planning and the use of custom made cabinets allow the finished spaces to cater specifically to the needs of the homeowners in a way that off-the-shelf products wouldn’t otherwise allow.

At FrankFranco, we understand the important role that millwork plays in the look, feel and enjoyment of a home. Connect with us today and let’s bring your dream project to life.

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