Interior Design Consultant

Daniel Ronaghi Interior Design Consultant

Professionally, I spent over a decade working in retail for various luxury brands, expanding my interpersonal skills and honing my eye to tailor an aesthetic that suits the individual. The spaces I worked in helped educate me in the ways design guide an individual’s experience; from the orientation of displays to the strategic placement of product.

“There is something profound in shaping the spaces that serve as the backdrop to our everyday lives; understanding that each component can influence and coax out certain feelings and behaviours from the individual occupying that space.”

Academically, I pursued a Bachelor of Arts from York University, focusing on English literature and Urban Planning Theory. The two further shaped my understanding and perceptions of the human experience in the built environment.

Leaving that world to return to my education to purse a Bachelor of Interior Design with Yorkville University, I realized so much of my academic and professional career had prepared me for the world of design. Joining Frankfranco Architects in the beginning of 2020, I get to place so much care and thought into the design and build of the projects I work on; always considering the client in their daily life and always looking to introduce new elements they didn’t know they needed.

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