Intern Architect

Giovanna Monaco, M.Arch, B.Arch.Sci Intern Architect

My sense of architecture emerged in my earlier years travelling with my family on trips and conferences with them where I began to notice local buildings which contributed to the sense of place and style of their locales. In particular, there were structures designed by such notable architects as Frank Lloyd Wright which could not be ignored by their boldness and yet defined their settings to become the personalities of their environment. I just kept being drawn to the architectural language around me.

“The attention to detail given to each of my projects create a delicate weaving of personalities and creativity within the team, clients and the built environment. I am proud to have a place contributing to the design of each story.”

By my senior years, without doubt and hesitation I entered the Ryerson School of Architectural Science where I completed my Masters program in 2017. However, knowing the realization of creativity is dependent on sound practices, I spent several initial years working in high rise design and development to acquire the disciplines and knowledge from large scale projects which are equally critical to the successful completion and creative expression of more unique designs.


I am pleased and excited to be part of the team here at Frankfranco which embraces and practices these professional qualities.

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