Tricia Arabian Perta, B.Arch. Sci., M.Arch, Architect

My interest in architecture stemmed from my love for photography; subsequently, my interest in residential design stemmed from Julius Shulman’s famous photograph of Case Study House no. 22 by Pierre Koenig. The image captured something that, until then, I didn’t know architecture could create; a feeling, a mood, a moment in time framed perfectly by the space. Finally traveling to California and visiting the house, a decade after first learning about it, brought the photograph to reality and only re-asserted by a desire to pursue this career.

“My interest in architecture
stemmed from my love for

My academic and professional achievements have allowed for a number of unique architectural explorations and international design-build opportunities, each of which has been an invaluable experience in discovering my passions and honing my skills. From my design-build experiences, I gained a deep appreciation for the relationship between design, fabrication and construction; seeing a vision manifest in the form of a habitable space is among the most satisfying aspects of what we do.

I joined FrankFranco Architects after graduating with my Masters of Architecture from Ryerson University in 2014. Since then, I’ve worked closely with Frank, leading the design team to ensure the delivery of thoughtful, inspiring, and well executed projects. I strive towards ensuring that what’s drawn on paper is effectively communicated on site in order to deliver projects that are uncompromising from concept to completion.

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