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You found and managed to take ownership of the right property. You’ve hired the best architect. You’ve put up with the endless decisions and details. And now it’s all done.

After all that effort, expense and hand-wringing that goes into creating the custom home of your dreams, how will you furnish it? Look for things at a very nice furniture store? Why not choose instead to stay faithful to the vision that has drawn you along throughout the project? And it’s far easier than you think to choose custom furniture design in Toronto instead of buying ‘off the rack’.

Even for businesses, the decision to use furniture designed specifically for a task or to support your brand can pay off in ways that mass-produced furniture cannot. Your clients don’t choose you because of what you have in common with your competitors. Your company must find ways to set itself apart. Furniture designed specifically for a purpose, setting and brand helps clients understand that here, in your place of business, they have found something they can’t find elsewhere.

FrankFranco Furniture Design

Whether residential or commercial, custom furniture design has infinite advantages. Choosing FrankFranco furniture design has its own set of advantages too.

We are one of the GTA’s leading multi-disciplinary architectural designers, including interior design, industrial design, lighting design, and furniture design. We offer the unique opportunity to have your furniture not only custom-designed but custom designed to fit the layout of your home or building and its interior.

In case the benefit of that isn’t clear, imagine furniture designed to complement the tile on the fireplace. Or the possibilities of having both your furniture and the lighting that illuminates it designed by the same team. So if standing out, or being outstanding, is the goal of the furniture you choose, custom designs by FrankFranco are uniquely positioned to get you there.

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