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Custom home build services are not complete without furniture design. Choosing the right furniture for your home can elevate tone, set the atmosphere, and provide by both comfort and functionality.

Furniture placement and function of space are inseparable; a dining room cannot function without the table nor can an office without a desk. As part of our interior design and furniture selection services, we always consider the style of architecture – though we don’t shy away from mixing traditional and modern furniture and art. While there is no rule that states that all furnishing must come from the same genre, decade, or style, we aim to complement and contrast interior furniture design elements to best highlight the architecture of the home, and the lifestyle of the client.

Custom Design For A Custom Home

An architect will work closely with you on the design of your home, but ultimately you are trusting their professional judgement to make design decisions that best suit the architecture of the space. Furniture selection is no different; when an architect is involved in the furniture design and selection process, the project vision remains intact until every last piece is placed.

As architects, we can also come up with unexpected solutions in areas of the home where furniture selection and placement is particularly challenging. Home offices are often that space; a space that individuals can spend a significant amount of time and where function and ergonomics are critically important. If the room was not designed with the purpose of housing an office, the furniture design plays an even bigger role. Considerations when designing an office include desktop or laptop use, power requirements, shelving, equipment, and storage. In addition, lighting must be considered to avoid screen glare from overhead lighting or windows. Each of these demands can be effectively addressed with furniture design. Custom furniture design can make all this look feel and function seamlessly.

FrankFranco Furniture Design services

Whether residential or commercial, custom furniture design has infinite advantages. Choosing FrankFranco furniture design has its own set of advantages too. We are one of the GTA’s leading multi-disciplinary architectural designers, including interior design, industrial design, lighting design, and furniture design. We offer the unique opportunity to have your furniture not only custom-designed but created to fit the layout of your home or building and its interior.

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