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Interior Design is the link between architecture, the use of space, and the final aesthetic. They’re often conducted by separate professionals, (architects and interior designers) and performed at different times in the design and or the construction process. This commonly leaves room for confusion among the two professions within the design process, coordination, and build execution. At FrankFranco, we integrate our interior design services during the architecture design process. Streamlining the integration of interior design provides clients with clear visualization throughout their entire custom home project.

The benefits of visualization early in the design process informs clients of what the building, home, and space begins to feel like, allowing them to experience and influence the design at an early stage. Our experience in full-service design, developing custom interior with architecture design, proves very successful during construction. We ensure construction details are coordinated and communicated efficiently resulting in reduced errors, more effective costs of construction, clear client understanding and in the end, seamless project results. As award-winning Toronto architects, FrankFranco Architects pursues all the above in every single project. We cater to clients’ needs, paying attention to every detail with impeccable designs.


Blending Interior and Architecture Design To Redefine Your Custom Home Build

As interior design architects, we try to achieve design harmony between big picture design elements like the customized floor plan and materials, with a finer focus on details as part of our interior design services. Many of our design projects are examples of our success and ability to blend both services. The clients that look to us for this are expecting a fully coordinated home; they do not want to feel like there is a disconnect between the architecture and the interior design, interior decor, and quality of spaces. When choosing to proceed with our interior design service, we present you with your spaces in the form of 3D models, physical detail mock-ups, and material samples for discussion and review. The process is very informative, inventive, and gives confidence to clients that are looking to express themselves and create something different with their project.

Renovations Reinvented

Interior design often starts with very small moves. At FrankFranco Architects, we begin by describing the experience of the space, how it is meant to function or how you intend on using it for multiple purposes. For example, we might consider how a space can transform to accommodate larger groups of guests. It is through this design and planning that we flush out problems with the architectural plans and space planning. We then look at the materials that help propel the greater design concept. We present physical material sample palettes, alongside photorealistic 3D renderings and video walkthroughs. These design practices allow you to make informed interior design decisions for your home renovation and rebuild. We let you immerse yourself in the space long before its constructed.

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