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Interior design links architecture, space use, and the final aesthetic. Typically, separate professionals (architects and interior designers) handle these aspects at different times during the design or construction process, often leading to confusion in design coordination and execution. At FrankFranco, we integrate our interior design services during the architectural design process, streamlining the integration and providing clients with a clear visualization of their entire custom home project.


Early visualization benefits clients by allowing them to experience and influence the design from the outset. Our full-service design experience ensures construction details are coordinated and communicated efficiently, resulting in reduced errors, more effective construction costs, clear client understanding, and seamless project results. As an award-winning firm, FrankFranco Architects pursues these goals in every project, catering to clients’ needs with attention to detail and impeccable designs.

Blending Interior & Architecture Design To Redefine Your Custom Home Build

At FrankFranco Architects, we strive to harmonize big-picture design elements, such as customized floor plans, with the finer details of our interior design services. Our most successful projects showcase our ability to blend both services. Clients expect a fully coordinated home, with no disconnect between the architecture and the interior design or the interior decor and quality of space. When opting for our interior design service, we present clients with 3D models, physical detail mock-ups, and material samples for discussion and review. This informative and inventive process gives clients confidence in expressing themselves and creating something unique with their project.

Renovations Reinvented

Interior design often starts with small moves. At FrankFranco Architects, we begin by describing the experience of the space, its intended function, or its potential for multiple uses. For example, we might consider how a space can transform to accommodate larger groups of guests. This design and planning approach helps us resolve issues with architectural organization and space planning. We then use physical material sample palettes, photorealistic 3D renderings, and video walkthroughs to advance the greater design concept. These practices allow clients to make informed interior design decisions and immerse themselves in the space long before construction begins.


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Designing and building a custom home from the ground up offers more freedom than many people realize. Besides deciding on the layout and choosing fixtures, windows, and doors, you can put your personal touch on the finest details. Imagine choosing the design, look, and feel of cabinetry, shelving, and other woodwork throughout your home. This is one of the many benefits of engaging custom architectural millwork in Toronto.


Custom millwork encompasses more than just kitchen cabinets. It includes every element from interior doors and trim, wall and ceiling paneling, furniture built-ins, closet organizers, bathroom storage, office organization, and kitchen cabinetry. When woodwork is designed within the scope of an architectural project, it ensures cohesion with the space’s intentions and the finished elements. Well-considered millwork design improves functionality and creates continuity from one room to the next.


At FrankFranco Architects, our multidisciplinary approach gives us thorough knowledge of each component of home design, rebuilds, or renovations. We work closely with millwork fabricators to understand the best design practices and detailing required to achieve high-end millwork. With extensive experience in producing millwork shop drawings, we provide fabricators with detailed instructions for precise construction, resulting in seamless, award-winning designs.


In our architectural projects, we use millwork design to create unique and personal moments. For example, wooden entrance doors can feature special hand-written messages, and wood wall panels can mimic the homeowner’s favourite flower (do you see the tulips in the accompanying image?). Functionally, early millwork planning and custom-made cabinetry cater specifically to homeowners’ needs in ways that off-the-shelf products cannot.


At FrankFranco, we understand the crucial role millwork plays in a home’s look, feel, and enjoyment. Connect with us today, and let’s bring your dream project to life.

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