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It goes without saying that first impressions are of utmost importance; when it comes to architecture, landscape design contributes significantly to that first impression. Though landscape design may be understood as traditional planting selections, it is far more involved. It includes outdoor spaces that effectively become extensions of the indoor environments.

Architecture and landscape go hand-in-hand; how a building is shaped and positioned on a parcel of property can highlight the natural elements contributing to the design. In return, landscape design brings a human touch. With proper building placement and landscape design that elevates the architecture, the curb appeal of a home is increased.

At Frankfranco architects, we collaborate with several residential and commercial landscape architects in Toronto who have a competent understanding of the role of landscape design. As a result, the design of the home and surrounding landscaping cohesively create outdoor retreats that become extensions of the architecture.

Landscape Master Planning

Landscapes are destination spaces within our projects. Planning these spaces post-construction is a reactionary process that can lead to a disconnect between architecture and landscape. Landscape master planning involves consideration for your desired outdoor elements such as a pool and cabana. The strategic placement of these elements in concert with the interior architecture ensures that your spaces function cohesively and that the view outside is always pleasant regardless of changing seasons.

Incorporating landscape master planning early in your new home design affords several efficiencies and potential savings. For example, if the landscaping requires work below grade (foundations for pools or decks, pipes for irrigation systems) they can be put in place along with the rest of the construction. Construction readiness for landscape allows for quicker completion. Additionally, planning for plants and trees early on gives time for vegetation to mature as freshly completed landscapes can appear sparse.

Conceptualize Outdoor Living

At Frankfranco architects, our main involvement with landscape design services is in master planning. This ensures the vision is cohesive, but also allows clients to streamline any municipal or special permitting process that may be required. The aim of the pre-planning the landscaping is to allow efficiencies in the build-out process that help drive down the cost of the total project construction. We tie in beautiful natural elements to bring a curated landscape design to your custom dream home. Connect with us today and let’s conceptualize your outdoor living.

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