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Lighting provides us with the visibility of our environment, it lights our path in the dark and gives us the possibility to extend our days. Lighting also serves to highlight design elements and showcase spaces. Lighting design services are beneficial to any custom home build, as there are many elements of lighting that may require consideration.

Beyond the appropriate placement of lighting, there’s also technical knowledge required, such as light intensity or lumens, colour temperature, beam spread, and lighting throw. Based on the natural lighting available or the desired mood created in the space, a lighting designer can then calculate the quantity and spacing of individual fixtures. The style of lighting fixtures also creates opportunities to develop and display lighting effects. Lighting design is part utilitarian and part an art form.

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There are many considerations to evaluate prior to applying a lighting design. Lighting design will fall into two categories; general task lighting and specialty lighting. While task lighting will include things like pot lights, used simply to light a space and make it usable, specialty lighting is typically reserved to highlight architectural features. For example, cove lighting along the perimeter of the room may be used to wash panelled walls with light. Similarly, backlit mirrors in a bathroom are used to create a luxurious atmosphere. This knowledge is best applied by an architect or lighting designer that has an intimate familiarity with the space, including the natural lighting throughout the day and the best methods of achieving desired lighting effects.

For residential projects designed by FrankFranco architects, lighting design is handled in house in consultation with our suppliers. For larger projects, we include the involvement of a lighting designer.

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Once the layout of a home has been resolved, it’s valuable to include the involvement of a lighting designer or to begin planning lighting solutions with your architect. Working through interior designs and lighting solutions early on ensures that potential conflicts between the placement of lighting fixtures and other building infrastructure (joists, HVAC, etc) are minimized. Recessed lighting fixtures can be impacted by ductwork, structural elements and joist direction or spacing. Without proper consideration from the start, the lighting design can lack the desired spacing or symmetry on a ceiling.

Our role as designers at FrankFranco Architects is to provide the architectural backdrop to create a desired atmosphere, optimizing lighting design to elevate the space to its full effect.

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