Francesco Di Sarra

Francesco Di Sarra, B.Arch, OAA, MRAIC Principal Architect

I’ve been drawing since a young age – a past time which eventually became a desire to create something more permanent: architecture. The permanence of architecture, the ability to create something that could potentially last beyond my time, is what solidified this career path for me.

“Creativitity is part of who I am, and

something I pursue in all parts of

my daily life.”

Now, with over 25 years invested, between studying, designing, and building, I feel confident with the architecture I create. Among my strengths is my ability to find unconventional solutions; perhaps a result of my education at Carleton University, where creative thinking was emphasized above all else. I look at a problem as if it’s a spherical shape; thought seemingly uniform in terms of its form, the sun hits each side differently. It is only when you shift your perspective that you’re able to see the problem under a different light. I never shy away from inventing, provoking, or thinking beyond the limits; that is the culture I hope to foster at FrankFranco Architects.

My experience running a Design-Build firm for 16 years, prior to starting FrankFranco Architects, is what allowed me to hone my design skills. A thorough understanding of construction has been paramount in allowing me to successfully communicate the ideas in my head to the people on site, ensuring that an idea is executed exactly as it was designed. Recently, as the firm’s scope of work began to expand beyond architecture and into a more detailed design, including interiors and industrial design, it became evident that the next step was to establish our own millwork fabrication facility. Doing so allowed for seamless fluidity between our design and manufacturing.

Creativity is part of who I am, and something I pursue in all parts of my daily life.

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