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Modern architecture is visually identified by aesthetics and materiality, with the latter being particularly important to the authenticity of the design. Material use and detailing completes the visual language and disposition intended by the Architect; materials complement the form, engage users, and add depth and richness to architecture.

While architects are generally associated with building exteriors, at FrankFranco Architects, we take a more holistic approach to design. The exterior of the building can set the tone of a project, but the interiors allow for users to engage with the architecture; placing emphasis on the interior design and detailing of a space is an opportunity to strengthen overall design concepts and, in the case of residential design, reflect the lifestyle of the owners.

There’s no denying that architects love glass. Though “invisible”, windows can become the feature of an architectural project. When windows are placed strategically and with intent, they have the capacity to frame views, to create bright, light filled spaces, and to allow the interiors to become immersed and connected to the surrounding site.

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