FrankFranco Architects is honoured to announce that the firm has been internationally recognized by the Architizer A+Awards as the Popular Choice: Best Extra Small Firm. This accolade is part of the largest architecture awards program – Architizer honours the work of 200 firms and boasts a global audience of over 400 million people, who celebrate and recognize innovative architecture’s impact in the field and society.

Frank DiSarra established FrankFranco Architects in 2014 and his team now counts five passionate practitioners. To this day, DiSarra takes great care to create a total design experience, starting by connecting with the client – understanding their needs and engraining personal narratives into design. This approach shines through in this award as Popular Choice winner means the public celebrated our small firm’s successes.



Tremendous Support

This success would not be without the support and inspiration of others so we greatly thank all those who voted for us, and give our congratulations to all other Canadian firms recognized by the awards. Our team is extensively grateful and honoured to have a strong community of brilliant partners and visionary clients following our journey.

DiSarra recognizes this accolade is due to their extensive support. “I must acknowledge the great clients that allow me to produce my best work,” he says. “I have always done the most possible for them, past, present, and future, so it is truly humbling. I have always believed that we exceed our size, and this award affirms this idea for me. We will attempt to build on our capability and approach for all projects in the years to come.”

The interior of a custom built home designed by FrankFranco architects featuring wood millwork and brown leather sofas. Are you looking for an architect for your new home build. Here's how to choose the right architect.


Boundless Possibilities

Since establishing in 2014, FrankFranco dares to challenge the status quo with each design by weaving creativity and individuality into every corner of our work. By relentlessly studying the site-specific conditions and connecting with clients, our team cultivates a total design experience. Through our practices, we ensure the vision and aspiration of a project remains uncompromisingly intact from concept to completion.

This world-renowned recognition officially makes FrankFranco an industry leader for architecture and design. Our projects rethink, reinvent and reimagine architecture to build a better home and society, where every structure tells a story of unbridled imagination. We pledge to continue developing meaningful work and lead projects with an optimistic mindset, allowing us to question the rules and connect with our clients.


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