Woodland Ridge

Woodland Ridge


Woodland Ridge is a 2 acre property located in the heart of a growing community. The lot had an existing single story cottage that served the previous owner well. Designed by Shore & Moffatt Architects in 1954, the building already had a mid-century feel and layout. From the onset, I knew that this design was going to be more than floors and walls; it was deeply personal. The space had to have significance to my family, so I played out how the home would be used, and I revisited personal experiences to build moments into the space. It is like a treasure trove of meaning, secrets, and familiarity. Some have called it a love letter, a poem, a work of art. I call it home.

In honoring its location and its distinctive landscape, elements throughout the house have been designed to feel uniquely Canadian – from the millwork leaf wall, to the oculus that frames night skies, and the stylized tulips along the exterior cladding. The house further shows its appreciation for the Canadian landscape by taking advantage of the qualities of the site; engaging with its surrounding context through panoramic views of the site, made possible by large window walls that thoughtfully frame specific vistas, blending nature and architecture into a singular experience and blurring the line between a city dwelling and camping cabin.



Nestled within the forest, in the company of 100 year old Oak trees, the architecture and interior design of the house are intended to complement, rather than compete with its surrounding natural context. Modest building materials including limestone, eramosa stone, cement, glazed brick, and cedar, these are balanced by the rich interior material palette of stained walnut, brass, bronze, granite, and slate. In addition, the home features plenty of indoor spaces that open up to the exterior, making for larger rooms during the summer; 18 ft and 10 ft window walls allow for the living room to spill out onto the rear yard patio.

The architecture of the home has a diverse disposition which contrasts the typical hybrid stylized residences in the community. Woodland Ridge presents opportunities to both provide a home unique to our family’s lifestyle, as well as to showcase my capacity within this field of expertise.


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