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Architectural design is often simplified as the “blueprints”, which explain the plans and elevations of a building. Architectural design, however, expands beyond the simple layout or “shell” of the building. Design thinking isn’t put on pause once the exterior of the building has been completed, the same level of care and consideration is applied to each element surrounding and within the building. Landscape design, a staircase, kitchen, bathroom, and even tile layouts improve when considered by the architectural design team. When these designed elements are considered in the development process, they function cohesively with the rest of the building. At FrankFranco architects, we strive to apply our architectural design thinking at every scale – from the massing of the building to the careful layout of each plumbing fixture and jamb detail. As such, our design process captures every element of a project, from a master plan to building massing, to the smallest of interior details. The result are projects that feel cohesive throughout.

Renovate or Rebuild Your Custom Dream Home

Should you renovate your current home or rebuild it? Building your dream home from the ground up allows the opportunity to start fresh and design a space exactly as desired. Preserving the elements of a home by renovating comes with its benefits and cost savings as well. If you’re building a new home, the first step in the architectural design will be locating the project on the site. Following preliminary site work, we will work with you in establishing a style, develop plans then permit drawings, eventually leading to all the finer construction details and interior designs.

The Design Approach

The approach when renovating a home is very different from designing a completely new build. When renovating, there are the added complexities of what can stay, what must stay, and what can be manipulated to best support the end vision. When planning a home renovation, we work closely with you to determine what is and isn’t working with the existing setup. Does the architecture of the home merit preservation? Is the layout functioning for your family’s lifestyle? Can spaces be better organized to optimize circulation, flow, and access to light?

Regardless of whether you’re pursuing a home renovation or new custom build, the first step is always defining the end goal. When the design is well thought out, everything will feel like it’s in the right place and the end result will leave you feeling accomplished.

From Architectural Design To Reality

At FrankFranco, every project is designed specifically with the end-user in mind. Our ultimate goal is always to cater to your lifestyle needs and create a home with an architectural design that is reflective of your values. As part of our architectural design planning process, we take the time necessary to understand your lifestyle in order to inform the design. Do you have a large family? Do you entertain often? Are you collectors of art or cars? Once we have a firm understanding of your lifestyle and needs, we analyze the existing home or building lot to ensure that the building we design is sensitive to both your needs and the surrounding context. Through a series of design iterations, we work in concert with you, the municipality, and our consultants to ensure a cohesive finished product.

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