Big Sky

Big Sky


The property is located one the coast of Lake Simcoe. It is a family retreat and escape from the city for rest, relaxation and family activities. Our client grew up visiting the family cottage as a child and in her adulthood, she purchased the property from her parents in hopes of giving her children the same wonderful memories she had growing up. The only issue was the property had not been updated since it was purchase in the 1980’s and our client wanted to bring her cottage into the modern age.  With the onset of the pandemic, updating the cottage became a priority for the family.

Frankfranco Architects proposed a modern alteration to the main space including living room and kitchen to engage the main focal point of the property, the waterfront view. The space was re-configured with partition walls removed in order to bring in ample light into the open space and reveal the exterior views of the home to the rest of the spaces.

experience and design

The renovation consisted of re-designing the rear elevation in connection with the existing exterior façade. Materiality choices and architectural layouts were defined with the intention of utilizing the best components of the site that are there, the waterfront. The choice of a neutral palette in the kitchen with light sage millwork and a deep green textured backsplash against the white oak flooring, reflects the quiet coastal tones of the building’s environment. The rest of the home is flooded with white, clean millwork that captures the hues of the greenery that comes in from the windows. Bronze fixture details and wood highlights within the interior of the home bring out the natural tones of the spaces. Conversely, the dark tiled fireplace is set against the wall where they are next to the painted black porch doors, tucked away to expose the full view. The expansive exterior deck further acts as an extension of the outdoor experience that you are driving up here to enjoy.

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